Then get back on the client machine: This may involve partitioning and formatting depending on the method used here. Make the disk bootable by running “LILO” on it. The install-kernel script now takes care of this, for every kernel that we build. I configued success zImage cross compile for H

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If you are working on the machine, and would like it to ONLY shut down when all the battery juice is really gone, you can cancel a minute 210ss which is already in progress by logging in as root and running: I would go through the motions of connecting to wifi, creating a user name, password, and upon installation, it crashed stating it could not install kernel, boot loader.

Mini210s | S5PV210 ARM Cortex-A8 Board

Use the following command to automate this and reduce errors, but again, be SURE you are on the right machine! They will all be SLC in the future.

The operation can be done without pipebuf, but would be much slower. I tried to install Android 4.

2100s tried serveral sd cards, superboot is running Ver 1. This is the obvious way to do it, but has some complications later on, especially if the disks are different sizes.


See pipebuf -h for more information on what pipebuf does. Didn’t need to use my USB wi-fi dongle. The other three are only surge-protected.

When I cam across this thread, I had just seen the Lenovo s in a local computer shop. My Experience Installing and Using Linux on my Lenovo s Hi Guys, I am a windows developer and I have played with the Microsoft technology stack for years and to be truthful, I don’t mind the direction Microsoft is taking.

Minis | S5PV ARM Cortex-A8 Board – FriendlyARM

Change name, ether, and IP. I’d like to share my experience in successfully installing a flavour on my Lenovo Ideapad s. I have never played with Linux.

A second, lesser reason for looking at Linux is that Docker seems to be a little unstable on Windows Here’s how I generated the ones for the s: However, I am aware of the hardware requirements need to for me to do my job, and of course the cost of that hardware.

Join Date Oct Beans 2. Sorry but this is a first for me to do. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. If you add lijux brief post to the compatibility threadpossibly linking to this one, there is a better chance that people will find it.


If I’d known you had a S with slc nand I would’ve suggested that. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

Make the disk bootable by running “LILO” on it. I tried the Android 4 image from Install the disk as a second drive in an already configured machine. This is the recommended way, if you can do it.

Linux PCs at CFHT

Disabled – Secure Boot: Windows should still work fine with this setting. But, the s has all features oinux that I have tested. Remember to substitute the correct disk and partition numbers that you chose with fdisk: It only creates false hits in the search engines.

Do not try to read or mount the filesystems yet.

I logged in then realized that I couldn’t update it.