In normal circumstances, with the battery pack inside, the Integrated Circuit within the MT65xx device will begin to charge the battery after 5 seconds. If you encounter any problems try downloading from a different browser or device preferably with a different IP address. And, I had no problem with this cable while sharing files with my pc. The red bar pops up and shows that message on hitting download button on the Flash Tool. But the official bootloader is restored once I reboot. October 17, at

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Click for explanation Ok I will digress again for a moment to explain why all this is so important and what many of us are not realising preloadeer with all the tutorials around; the important point here is that MediaTek devices may be listed many numerous devices in device manager and this is normal.

Can I use this to flash my device or will I brick it? Hey guys, Guess what?! In normal circumstances, with the battery pack inside, the Integrated Circuit within the MT65xx device will begin to preloaedr the battery after 5 seconds.

Keep the device off and have the battery in.


I was told that all MTK devices use the same drivers July 10, at Itu sudah mencakup semua di dalamnya. If anyone has an idea of what can I do to fix this, please tell me. You will be hit with an overwhelming list of MediaTek drivers!


What are you looking for? I have followed every steps in this tutorial. Published on June 23, Remove the back cover of the device and take out the battery pack from the device.

[Q] Why the MTK 6589 USB Vcom port disapear after 2 second?

March 18, at 9: Biarkan saja, walaupun ada di dalam paket unduhan. The driver of MT Preloader Vcom port is installed correctly. Unofficial TWRPs for devices without source code.

At this point you will hear the device register with Windows as you normally would however you should notice that it doesn’t disconnect straight away like it normally does? When the phone is detected by Windows and starts to load the drivers like it usually does and then disconnects Tidak terinstallanya usb driver tersebut bisa disebabkan oleh banyak faktor. November 8, at 2: The SP Flash Tool can also handle this low-layer interface.

Target might be shutdown unexpectedly or target lost power supply.

June 2, at 4: Please if anyone can help me with drivers that work I would very very very much appreciate My experience with these drivers on Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit was OK.


SP Flash Tool Error: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. November 22, at 4: Now it won’t boot. Monitor if power-drop occured in target side. Hapus semua driver usb Vcom dan PreLoader atau yang mirip yang tersisa menggunakan aplikasi atau tool UBS Deview link unduhan di bagian akhir tulisan. If its not there then and only then you should try install another set of drivers and restart the process again.

PRELOADER – Punk’s Technology Blog

Now with steps above and read it carefully, I was able to bring it again to life. I did this mostly but made a mistake 689 one line in the build. To do this you can use EasyBCD, go into advanced settings for the Windows 7 bootmenu entry and allow the use of unsigned drivers and put a wait of say 10seconds on the menu count down in stock form Windows has assigned 30 seconds but standard it bypasses the boot menu – this makes it harder to press the F8 key during boot up.