Under no circumstances should the UPS be turned off during a run time calibration procedure! Please note, that it would not normally be wise to write this data to a normal system log file as there is no mechanism in syslog to rewind the file and hence the log file would quickly become enormous. When apcupsd shuts down your system, it creates a temporary “flag file” which is used by the operating system halt scripts to know if this shutdown is due to a power failure. This can be very helpful for checking the condition of your UPS and to know whether or not apcupsd is properly connected to it. Disconnect the UPS, and boot the system.

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If all goes well, your system should be shutdown before the batteries are completely exhausted and the UPS should be powered off by apcupsd. Spill containment with VRLA batteries is therefore not meaningful or appropriate.

See valie installation and configurations sections of this document for more details. You can change the values in apcupsd.

(5): apcupsd config file – Linux man page

The configure script will check for this and will inform you of what command to use to invoke GNU make. Note that some vendors continue to distribute ancient versions of apcupsd with known defects.

The remaining UPSes are powering additional machines. If you have a choice, we recommend you avoid simple signalling UPSes. Please see the list of UPSes versus cables in the beginning of this document for more information. This option tells apcupsd to inform the UPS to kill the power. After each write, the file is rewound so that the size of the file remains constant.


After having said that, you will see that Steven Freed built much of the original apcupsd information file. Normally you would have many more configuration directives to completely customize your installation, but this example shows you the minimum required. Normally, the configure program will set an appropriate default value. Normally you will get at it via apcaccessbut there are other ways as well.

You need to configure smtp email notifications on pfSense and install mailreport package just install it. This is generally done by connecting to your SNMP card via a web browser or telnet connection.

It can set and clear: Item 6 will initiate a direct communication between your terminal and the UPS, at which point you can enter raw UPS commands. This was added at user request so that no two adjacent samples are identical. After running apcupsd for a while, I get the following error: You may wish to configure your firewall s to only allow connections from your local network or specifically from the masters, slaves, and servers as needed.

You will need to know the corresponding APC model number. This is evidenced by hiddev0: The alert is audible rapid beepingvisual flashing battery LED or LEDsand readable through the graphical interface of PowerChute plus software or a native UPS shutdown program within a particular operating system.


Thus if the UPS power is suddenly shut off, your computer will continue to run.

If after the soft battery runtime recalibration, the UPS does not detect that the battery has been replaced, you will need to do a manual battery runtime calibration.

In general it is recommended to obtain a prebuilt package for your platform.

The default is to send a wall message on Unix systems and a popup message in Windows. To avoid this problem, always wait for your UPS to power itself off, or power if off manually before restarting your computer.

Not much can actually be conveyed this way other than an order to shut down.


For voltage-signaling UPSes, apcupsd is not currently able to detect whether or not the serial cable is connected. Please use the explicit specifications of a device only if you know exactly what you are doing. To change thr settings for an existing monitor ip address, port, refresh rateright-click its icon and choose “Configure Select conginue Events item, and the Events dialogue box should appear.

Consequently, you should not invoke it directly.