Asus has taken advantage of the near design of the menu of the Eee Pc to integrate it into this version with Windows XP and bring open and free applications to Windows XP environment. The Eee Top is a concept of computer focused in a familiar use and everything has been made in that way. Easy to set up. Software, applications and use Software, applications and use. The whole case is like a mirror. Top-notch entertainment at a touch. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

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As it is, leaving a message for someone relies on them starting up the Eee Memo app. With its sharp and vibrant widescreen This way, with one port we ee both keyboard and mouse. Both use the same processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a GB Hard drive running at rpm and some extra really interesting features that we will detail in the next page.

Does it all at a Touch

The asuw of the Eee Top are basic in numbers but complex in its features. A small and quiet computer with an overwhelming potential.

Scribbling memos to each other, surfing the Net, drawing custom emoticons during instant messaging—the possibilities are endless!

Concept and features Asus Eee Top.

It also makes the Eee Top more portable; toting it between rooms is no hardship, and the next-generation model, tipped to have an internal battery, should make that even more straightforward.


Despite the relatively budget price for the Eee Top, ASUS have managed to eke out more than a little style from its plastic casing.

ASUS Eee Top ET Specifications – Desktop PCs – Home PCs – PC World Australia

All specifications are subject to change without notice. Add a touch of fun to your home with the EeeTop PC, an easy-to-use one-stop desktop that puts the Internet at your fingertips—literally.

Of course the primary difference is the Products may not be available in all markets. We will need to be content with Windows XP, at least if we keep the default operating system, which in both models is Windows XP. Easy to set up. Does it all at a Touch.

Only individual letters are recognized at a time, rather than full words, making for a painfully laborious experience. We must point out the great end of the machine, the quality of the peripherals coming with it and the well done software that comes with it.

Its recommended price will be Euros VAT included and it will be sold in short time. Moving it about the house is virtually effortless! The EeeTop PC is also the perfect computer for beginners. In the box, ASUS include a wired keyboard and mouse, stylus and a printed manual, together with recovery DVDs and a microfiber screen cleaning cloth.

Actual figures may vary e1t602 real-world situations. Using the included peripherals and a WiFi internet connection, you can reduce cabling to just two wires: Double memory slot for increading memory up to 2GB.


This tactile pen is almost the size of a normal felt-tip pen and will amaze the enthusiasts of the photographic edition when joining, not as with a more professional system like in other tables, the direct edition at the screen.

Asus Eee Top ET Specs – CNET

A low cost but innovative format computer and with enough power to make the most different office tasks and general entertainment. Please check with your axus for exact offers. Easy Ere certainly makes loading software straightforward; however the apps themselves vary in their usefulness with the touchscreen.

See is the sensation the Eee Top is leaving us after our experience with it. We only miss an optical slot-in unit in its right side. The mouse is also included in the price and it also keeps the design of the device as its lighting in electric blue of all the LEDs of the Eee Top.

Top-notch entertainment at a touch. In what a monitor occupies we will have a PC with a 1. To solve that, you get Easy Mode, a large-icon launcher which runs automatically when you start the PC.