The touchpad also gets warm. This tests the overall performance of the laptop. The keys have a good amount of travel and the sound of the clicking is soft, I would feel comfortable typing in a class or library setting without disturbing others. The touchpad buttons are also good, they have an ergonomic shape and the pressure required to press them is decent. This tests the graphics and performance of the laptop.

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I am able to see text, icons and images from roughly degrees from the center.

The lid does not have a latch; it does take 2 hands to open the laptop due to the stiff hinges. The brightness of the screen is good, there are 16 levels of brightness total. Asus V2Je Average Score: Super Pi Comparison Results. This is nice since my cables often get tangled with each other.

Only the right side gets mildly warm, the right palm rest and keyboard area. The sound quality using headphones and ear buds is excellent, just as expected.

As you can see, the V2 is smaller than the V1. The sound card is a Realtek High Definition Audio. The first thing you will see is the Asus qsus made v2jje Targus.

Overall you can expect asuus service from both Asus and your reseller, especially from the resellers in the NotebookReview. There is only a little amount of wobbling, and there is no creaking sound. Overall the noise is only evident when you place your ear near the left side of the laptop, then you will hear the vent blowing out air and some clicking sounds. During gaming the heat remains at reasonable levels, but there is warm air coming out of the vent, and the right ass of the laptop.


The quality of the camera is decent; I would feel comfortable using it for video conferencing. Overall I am happy that the vent is on the left side since I use mouse on the right hand side. The v2ie side of the laptop is cool and only gets as warm as your skin is touching it. The screen on the Asus V2JE is quite nice and is glossy.

The WiFi worked great, it was very fast around the store I was testing this in. The wrist pads, also known as palm rests, are indeed very strong, giving very little flex when excessive amounts of pressure is applied.

At the top of the lid where the webcam is located, there is a considerable amount of flex, and the entire top portion does move. The docking station is something new to Asus laptops, and fortunately the V2JE has a docking station port located at the bottom of the laptop.

Asus V2Je Review

Asus decided to use a basic V2 box, instead of a box with a colorful design like other Asus laptops have. The color of the laptop is primarily a dark grey and a carbon fiber black which gives the notebook a contemporary look.


This allows you to fit more on the screen, albeit graphics and text will be slightly smaller than with an XGA display. At the highest brightness, I also felt comfortable; it is great asjs use it when watching movies and doing some gaming. I don t feel that it hinders my ability to type. The weight of the laptop is 5.

asusparts Asus, 04GNL51KUS01, Asus KEYBOARD V2JE (US-ENGLISH)

The bottom of the lid is strong, where the hinges are located, I am able to apply a considerable amount of pressure to the lid. It is quite nice with good lining, quality and looks. This is just like the W3 series, it closes shut asue stays that way, and it will not open ass its own. I feel that this screen is pleasant to use. I normally test battery life under the following settings to maximize battery life for real life usage. Asus provides a spill proof keyboard that can withstand a small spill of your drink.

I had the laptop plugged in and using High Performance as the power mode during this test. I felt comfortable typing on the notebook.