Extremely high or low temperature will shorten the life of battery. BenQ call it Joybook, because BenQ has combined entertainment and stylish design with traditional notebook’s functions. Do not expose Joybook to direct sunlight, and keep it away from sources of heat such as radiators, space heaters, stoves, and so on. A Boot Menu screen appears. Connecting to a Bluetooth device 1. Appendix Downloaded from LpManual. Any incorrect BIOS settings may degrade the performance, operation and functionality of your Joybook.

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Click to select the Capture module from the Home screen. From s31vs pop-up menu, click Connect to a network. The length of the charging time may depend. Press the Num Lk Number Lock key once to disable the number lock function, and the letters will return to normal. There are no s31vw parts inside. Plug the other end to the audio input socket of the external device. Global warranty information of your Joybook product. Install the required drivers for your model. For more information about recycling of this equipment, please contact your city office, the shop where you purchased the equipment or your household waste disposal service.

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Also make sure the lid of your Joybook is not closed. For details, refer to the Product Specification label on the product carton.


Right-click the Start button and then select Open. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area located at the lower right corner of the desktop, and then click Add a Bluetooth Device to launch the wizard. There are no known problems of memory effect with this battery type and it is the easiest battery type to care for.

The information about the icon will appear.

Click Apply and OK to save the scanned channels. It’s easy to remove the battery. Move the battery retainer A to the left as shown to lock the battery pack into place 2. jybook

Replace the unit if it is damaged or exposed to excess moisture. Adapter spojite na primeren vir napajanja.

BenQ Joybook S31VE User Guide

If the disc tray does not open after the Eject button is pressed, insert a pin into the Emergency Eject hole to force the tray out. Align the memory module with the slot, and then insert it.

S31vd is recommended that you take your Joybook to the BenQ distributor or customer service center for the upgrade or memory replacement. The installation of the Bluetooth driver will run automatically in the background.

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When looking at it from below, we noticed that the picture gets darker and bluish. Use a damp cloth to wipe the outer surface of the computer. After a couple of minutes it gets louder again for about one and a half minute.


Take the battery out and let it cool down. Connect the AC adapter. In general, if you have connected devices to both the S-Video Out socket and the pin mini D-sub video socket on the Joybook, the S-Video Out socket will be selected in first priority.

Try running virus scans and other tools jiybook away from the desk. In general the emissions of the Joybook S31 are alright. If there is no display on the external monitor after system joyboo, connect Joybook to joyboo, standard VGA monitor and wait until you can see things properly on that VGA monitor.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Connect the power adapter to the power socket on your Joybook. Click to select the Monitor module from the Home screen.