At just 20 he married Carroll McDaniel, a former model he barely knew who was several years older than him. He achieved his biggest successes, however, in auto racing. During a service check, his mechanics offered to change the badly worn right front tyre, but De Portago refused. But everything came to an end after a fatal crash in – what caused the horrific accident and why were Ferrari sued? All in his privately entered Ferrari. Archived from the original on

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Fon, Marquis de Portago

Supposedly, Carroll McDaniel and Alfonso de Portago were in the process of getting a divorce so he could legitimize his invalid Mexican marriage to fashion model Dorian Leigh who had already aborted their first baby in and then gave birth to their son Kim on 27 September Fon duly bought it and started in the International Trophy. This accident also meant the end of the Mille Miglia race. At the time of his death, however, he was having another affair with Linda Christian, the ex-wife of actor Tyrone Power.

At a straightaway near the town of Giudizzolo, one of their tires blew, and their car swerved into the audience, killing at least 10 spectators, injuring many more, and killing de Portago and Nelson.

He had many affairs with women like supermodel Dorian Leigh, or Crystal Pretty, the ex of Tyrone Power, although that is still to be argued.


But Alfonso was waiting for that call from Enzo. Alfonso de D What? Although at first he would only compete in sports cars, he was later given the chance to start in F1.

At the same racnig a year earlier, he lost control of his car when he hit a patch of oil at mph. The result of the day was Alfonso buying himself a brand new Ferrari MM.

The bodies of Portago and Nelson were badly disfigured beneath the Ferrari, which was upside down. He was fast in everything he could get himself in to, but hard on what he was driving.

With his privately entered Ferrari he was able to give the works drivers a hard time. In their second race they were less lucky, if you please, ending up retiring with a broken rear axle. The two retired with a blown engine. Fon, as his nickname was, married a North American millionaire, and they had two sons. In racijg raced with Luigi Chinetti in the Carrera Panamericana.

Fon, Marquis de Portago Bio, Stats, and Results | Olympics at

Sports Reference LLC and www. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In the other three races he started inFon retired from them for various mechanical failures. Not that he was unable to pass them, but he found it easier to portagi his braking points when he was following.

Full Marquis: Alfonso de Portago

Alfonso started only in 36 races, from which he retired in His high-risk, abrasive driving style took such a toll on brakes, clutches and transmissions that he porfago needed several cars to finish a race. Besides being a good swimmer, polo player and fencer, he was a very good steeplechaser on horsewinning the French title and participating in the Grand National at Aintree on two occasions.


Setting high standards he quit riding, even though he had become the French steeple-chase champion and twice took ce in the world’s most prestigious steeple chase, the Grand National. Alfonso had entered himself with an underpowered Ferrari S and started well on this May 12th, Men’s Four Event History.

His father fought in the Spanish civil war at the side of general Franco. Leigh was eleven years his senior. In Januaryhe claimed fifth in the opening race in Argentina, and was already looking forward to the Monaco GP. His education was exclusive.

8W – Who? – Alfonso de Portago

Cousin of Vicente Sartorius. Thus, inFon became a Ferrari works driver. Portago’s body was in two sections.

Nelson countered this assertion, saying de Portago would not live to be A concrete milestone was gouged from the ground by the car and thrown into the crowd, killing two children.