Press OK when done. I didn’t actually even bother to see if it does for me since I see no difference at all when gaming. I am purging all of my content. I got it up to I suppose the only real way to find a PWM-free monitor is to be willing to spend a little bit more money because they are not quite cheap.

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What RAM do you have?

Cannot highly enough recommend getting a high refresh gaming monitor. I’m sitting on an AMD Ak and good lord if it doesn’t bottleneck the shit out of my build.

Have you tried reinstalling Windows? All features included I have a small problem I have two of these u2312bm and both stop at the same hz. Even identifying enemies was hard – the slightest turn would sort of make everything blur together.

Just to make sure, when you go to testUFO, does it automatically detect your refresh rate u2312hn 75hz now? I think FPS increase is minimal. Spraying was always difficult to control.

Looking for monitor with 75Hz refresh rate

For testing refresh rate overclocking or HDTV refresh rate overclocking, close all u2312ym apps and browser tabs, run this test with nothing else running, and check browser requirements. Some monitors not intended for faster than 60hz refresh will get terrible ghosting and over shoot when OCed so just make sure to find a good balance.


Lower totals will eell the pixel clock, but most monitors can’t handle values that are too low. Your overclocking mileage may vary. Got them to 80hz, would not recommend!


There definitely is a risk when running at higher than intended specs. The reason i’m choosing it over the hz panels dekl I really like the IPS panels and the colors. Page 1 of 2.

Mine has a built in ability to overclock it from to Tup3xFeb 7, I tried OW and CS and it seems to be a lot smoother, just hoping it isn’t placebo, lol. Wasn’t even crazy expensive or 2u312hm, but awesome improvement for FPS games specifically; I play a lot of CS as well.

60hz monitor users, you should read this! : Competitiveoverwatch

One OC’s to 76 and the other to Voi perkele Drll 8: Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Thanks in advance, Sew. Test and try which one lets you bump it up to People doing this should know that more hz de,l exactly mean better. You can gain like Hz more maybe 10 Source: The monitor I’m using I paid for about at the time and having a x at HZ just wasn’t on the market.


So it must have 75Hz refresh rate ddell least. So, my monitor already allows me to have 75Hz, but only if I go down from x to x, is that even worth it? Now, wen 75uz followed the steps in the linked video, i found that the max refresh rate of my monitor Dell SL is 67hz I think it was either re-downloading Overwatch on my SSD, or I moved it, and selected the new folder location in the Blizzard application.