The hidden mic boom integrates flawlessly in the design of the headset. Connections Show More Less. Like the headset, it’s suitably chunky, and the large rotary control is easy to use in the middle of a firefight. With those gamers in mind, accessories manufacturer Plantronics has released the GameCom 7. I really think the instructions were lacking. The earpieces also feature an open back design, which is intended to give audio a more natural feel. However, as the dongle only outputs to the stereo headset, the effect is a little hit and miss.

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We’ve been giving the headset a thoroughly good ears-on to find out. There’s plenty of bass on offer, but it’s controlled, allowing the upper mids and treble to ring clearly.

You won’t know it’s there until you’re ready to use it, and because it’s hidden, you won’t look like a telecom worker while you’re gaming. Probably the best way to describe this is that it is like adding a subwoofer to your home theater or audio system.

Though it’s marketed as a 7. Though it’s not the most stylish of units, the chunky construction and soft cloth padding around the earpieces and headband give it a quality feel.

Gamecom 777 Product Information

Smart Open-Ear Design and Noise-Canceling Microphone The GameCom features an open-ear design that allows you to hear background sounds during game play, which allows you to easily communicate with gqmecom in the room. Sign up to gain exclusive access to email msc, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more. The solid construction, comfort, and well-implemented mic and volume controls are excellent, and the audio quality is a cut above the norm. The Gamecom looks like quite a bulky headset but is deceptively light.


plantronics gamecom 777 question? or anybody with dolby headset

So far, no complaints about the headset at all. Can mere trickery replicate the feel of a true 7. In-line volume controls let you quickly adjust or mute the volume directly, without having to use your computer settings. It can make some movies sound great, but the way it diminishes the detail from audio sources means it’s not always wise to use it when playing games.

To round-off the good sound performance we found the quality of the microphone to be very good with vocals coming through clear to teammates online.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The mic’s integrated noise-canceling technologies reduce background noise so your voice comes through loudly and clearly.

Rated 5 out of 5 by BeVisual from Great for Audio and Voice I don’t actually use these for gaming, but after doing a considerable amount of research on the Internet I went ahead and purchased this headset anyway with the intention of using it for both speech recognition as well as music and video. The GameCom isn’t limited to just gwmecom.

This is because the surround effect also widens the sound stage of dialogue, losing detail and making it harder to hear. In-line volume and mic-mute controls allow for easy audio adjustment. The cans not only move up and down to adjust over your ears, but you can swivel them, which makes them comfortable, once you get the sopt that feels best.

The instructions thewy DO give you are just visual Better than Ikea instructions, but the same basic ideaand I missed the part about turning on the USB soundcard part, with it off, you get pretty much normal sound, while turning it on gives you a little bit better 3D sound. There are a few things that I like about the s and they’ve proved themselves out in use, ie. Designed for serious gamers, the GameCom is made from ultra-durable materials to withstand maximum wear and tear.


Concealed mic boom stays hidden until you’re ready to use it. This is the most comfortable headset I’ve come across and it also has very good sound using the USB converter that comes with it. Sound performance is great for games and movies, and almost as good for music. It simulates a 7.

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View our privacy policy before signing up. Be the first to review this item. The cable terminates into two standard gamedom. This activates the Dolby surround effect and lights up a thin blue LED strip in the centre of the dongle. I can’t comment too much on the treble and mid tones since I don’t listen to much music in these and video games mainly utilize bass, but the lows are fantastic.

I have a Shure Beta 58A that I use to record now and then. Join the conversation There are no comments about this story. Before we jumped into any surround-sound craziness, we checked out how the headset handled a standard stereo source, and happily, we found the Plantronics sounded pretty good.