He built the engines himself to save money, and built strong engines, but even with the money he saved he could not afford to have two Daytona engines. Unfortunately, that didn’t bode well for the independent racers that were working on the smallest of budgets. Though McDuffie was a expert dirt track racer, he never met with much success on asphalt tracks. When it appeared that JD would not be able to make a qualifying attempt in Daytona one February, Earnhardt quietly took up a collection in the garage area to rent an engine for him. During the Daytona a few days later J.

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There were a couple tributes to McDuffie online, but most only relayed the mcdufife facts: After he ran as high as 9th, J. The direct cause of death was a basilar skull fracture caused by rapid head movement to the right. Ol Blue was put back into service. It was at that moment he knew what he wanted to do.

He was the only one who slowed. One thing most people loved about J. His pit crew was usually made up of workers picked up at the track on raceday. He just never slowed down. It was claimed that turn five at the track and the tire barriers were too dangerous and it was known that they were dangerous.


You are commenting using your WordPress. He maintained his independence and his resourcefulness in a sport where both qualities were destined for extinction. As a result, the driver’s side outer tie rod end dropped from the front wheel spindle. He mvduffie remain in history books as the last true independent.

During the Daytona a few days later J. He couldn’t afford to pay team professionals to help, so he was helped by Community Volunteers, and some guys who loved racing just as much, and wanted to be a part of it.

The man who never won

Along the way he earned the respect of competitors who routinely defeated him on the track. McDuffie was competing against Earnhardts “Flying Aces” crew, and he won by about 5 car lengths They never thought they would get him to stop grinning. And that was Racin! That ignited an eruption of flames out of his car which melted his steering wheel.

They stopped by and talked to J. Thank you for the excellent article, Brock. Terry Schoonover fatal accident at Atlanta November 11, It was obvious right away that J. The inner loop was to create new spectator areas, not a reactionary change to the accidents.


Views Read Edit View history. Other observers claim that contact with another car started the incident, or that brake failure or a stuck accelerator was the culprit. Lawsuits in racing are generally looked down upon; although in this case, it is hard to blame Ima Nnascar considering the awful circumstances she was hit with.

D out smoking a cigar in the pits before the race in the infield while working on nasvar car, and then jump into his car wearing an open-face helmet with that old cigar still in his mouth.

Book examines the life and death of Sanford NASCAR driver J.D. McDuffie – THE RANT

Most of the time you could catch J. The day before the Winston Sprint Cup race, J. At the track the next day, J. Related Post navigation Previous Previous post: Next article Patrick finishes 21st at Watkins Glen. He also had a broken upper left arm.