At first i had some problems with the compiler in uVision but that is solved now! This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. Yes, I see what you mean. When i load a. But when re-build my project i get an error. As flash programmer i now have luminary eval board standing.

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This driver also autodetects the connected J-Links capabilities to select the best possible mode.

Maybe you can find interfcae answer there? Please write an email to Keil support if you are interested in beta testing. Hi again and thanks for your help. But when re-build my project i get an error.


This is required since there are many different algorithms for programming Flash memory. You can find all the project files on this website: I am afraid that my problem lies in having a eval mode. The osram file is for the oLED display on my board. If you want i can also post the blinky project.


There isn’t the menu for using RDI Flash Programmer

I also did this with a example project, same problem! But i selected the right target LM3S If you find something that is a show stopper for your work, you can copy the RDI driver from an old version into the segger folder and add a line in tools. This feature interace with I’m in the process of moving my project from Keil uVision v 3. Marleen ten Broeke I tried to add flash algorithm but that is not possible. I can also use the flash programmer from luminary micro but that doesnt work.

A large number of pre-configured programming algorithms are included with the Keil tools. Tamir Michael well, if you cannot add a flash algorithm, you are unlikely to have your software uploaded correctly.

Products Download Events Support Videos. Rdo moet u even geduld hebben Yes, I see what you mean. I hope they can give me some answers.

Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data. This driver shows the complete trace of code, and also autoconfigures the trace method, dependent on the kejl J-Trace or also fall-back to J-Link SWO if you have configured for J-Trace and connect a J-Link or vice versa.


Read-Only Author phlased membar Posted Aug Intertace Flash configuration options are stored with your project. I have a J-Link v 5.

This site uses cookies to store information on your computer. I learned a lot here from you guys.

So programming is going oke, but i think the problem lies in creating a. Under flash and than configure flash tools? Read-Only Author nickbar kethef Posted Aug Products Download Events Support Videos. At least that is what uvision says to me when i start a debug session.

By continuing to use our site, you consent to our cookies. Marleen ten Broeke Hello Tamir, i do not understand you totally.