Fedora users are able to ignore the prerequisites, perform Steps 0 through 6, 11 and 12, skipping steps 7 through 10 completely. I’m new at this myself but definately willing to learn. Hopefully, the phrase “this is only a release candidate” applies here, and full support will be available in 2. I think the bit rate change over time. If you installed latest update for Ubuntu 9. No oops, no drops, ping-flooded to my local gateway for 24 hours, packet loss 0.

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Getting the linksys linisys to work! The “iwpriv” commands say: All I ask in return is that you get it working, and return it to me when you are done with it shipping at my expense I will also leave pulseaudio enabled initially to see if that helps in my Jaunty installation at the moment I have pulse disabled as it ubuntj not play well with the Boxee app I am running.

If the mainline kernel does not fix this bug, please add the following tags: You can identify whether you have this nic by executing lsusb grep You could try to do a “make clean” and redo the operation I tried setting config with iwpriv, with cfg, with NetworkManager, and with the.


I guess this also means that I owe the producers of this little gizmo an apology: OK, after using it for a while it turns out to not be terribly stable.

I didn’t need install cd nor downloaded drivers! It could conceivably start to work again temporarily if the machine were completely powered off, but it may also have been a mere coincidence that it ever worked in the first place.

Download full text 3. However, again it fails on connecting to WPA2 networks bad password though it will connect to unsecure networks??? Seems it detected the device but could not load the driver: After adding usb-id The driver loads and detects the wusb6600n, but no matter what I do, “iwlist” gives “No scan results”.

wireless – Trying to get linksys wifi dongle to work wusbn version 1 – Ask Ubuntu

However, the RF chipset for this card is still not implemented in rt2x Unfortunately you need to do step 3 every time you reboot. See full activity log. Thank you so much for this invaluable piece of information! Hi, Well, it looks like while my device is ubuntk working, I can only connect at I’m under Ubuntu 9.

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WUSBN Version 2 Drivers for Ubuntu – Linksys Community

However, it does not connect and the indicator light on the dongle does not turn on. I really hope that this driver will work soon for the Now compile the driver by running make and install it you need superuser privileges by running sudo make install Connect or reconnect your WUSBNv2 to your computer, and it should light up.


I have taken the liberty of downloading and modifying the correct drivers to avoid confusion. I am using Linux kernel 2.

Sean McNamara, this bug was reported a while ago and there lnksys been any activity in it recently. If you installed latest update for Ubuntu 9. Alejandro Vaquero alejandrovaquero wrote on This issue is fixed for Ubuntu Since I am no expert on this hardware, I am not going to proceed further.

Sometimes it’ll go all day without this problem, sometimes it happens every 5 minutes. Unless someone turns it into a DKMS module But the strangest thing is that the Blue LED on the adaptor never Glows but it is connected with my wireless Access point and internet works fine. I tried the ndiswrapper steps on a 32bit machine Thinkpad z60t and still doesn’t work.