Yes, it is problem with reader in your notebook. Satellites transmit their ephemeris every 30 seconds. Read that some and SR helps. Installs this utility in almost all of its handhelds with GPS. Gmail app developers have been reading your emails Hook , Jul 3, , in forum:

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It has 4gb sd card. On Pups4 he noticed this: By the way about QuickGPS – judging by the time of life, it does not download ephemeris They live from half an hour to twoAnd the almanac.

Thank you very much all!

Finally it came out mbutton, which normally looks in VM6: Read that some and SR helps. I will tell you if this works when I receive the reader.

Upgrading my PocketLoox N560 to Windows Mobile 6.1

I think because of the design miscalculation in the hardwar: Could some body let me know where can i get WM6 rom for this device. I’m tapping on the screen and he does not foul. Each time my PC becomes very slow and when I end up by seeing the card in the explorer, it appears empty. By the way, about the problem Activesync Error – sdgc XP helped me.


FSC Loox N / C – Re-Flashing # 2 –

Did not try Sdhhc iPad mini Retina. Ed HardyApr 10, Hope this sheds some light Installs this utility in almost all of its handhelds with GPS. He serves on the FreeBSD core team and has specialized in handling “problem children” in the FreeBSD project and sorting out the complexity of open source software licensing.

May be it is more important to install driver for SDHC. Well, you can not immediately. The only limitation is that some programs can fail after being suspended.

You will lose this driver when resetting the loox. Board index All times are UTC. But be warned, you can lose the PDA when doing something wrong while flashing, and of course the sshc will be void.

I made XP, the body of the letter does not get it. Maybe because I did not want to pay extra money, and because my clients tortured me?


It is realy important to install your mentioned driver to use SDHC card. TimothyPApr 10, No risk, little cost, just the need to carry the second SD Card.

Fujitsu-Siemens C550 / N560 SDHC Card Driver with working WiFi!

What I brought – Changes hardport port. SDHC cards need special support in the system software that interacts with them. Why did this program appear at all? PDA or Card-reader Fortunately i have a backup from all the data. Each satellite transmits an almanac for all satellites. You can save energy, and remove the throwing of GPS at low speeds, etc. Before asking a question, see if there is an answer to it in the Sddhc.